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January 2020 Sauce du Mois: Snow Shark!

Here at Holy Snails, we’ve always been all about the brightening. We built our flagship product Shark Sauce from the ground up for optimal use of its 5% niacinamide/3% n-acetylglucosamine active ingredients. We added hyperpigmentation-fighting vitamin C to create Great White Shark, included the gentle dark spot fighter alpha arbutin in Alpha Shark, and doubled the niacinamide content in our Double Shark. Now we’d like to introduce you to our latest creation: Snow Shark!

Made for customers looking for fast and effective lightening of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, Snow Shark contains Sepiwhite, a tyrosinase inhibitor that has been shown via in vivo research to produce rapid pigmentation lightening. Sepiwhite plays well with niacinamide, boosting the overall effect of the Shark Sauce base. Sepiwhite also works synergistically with AHA chemical exfoliation for an accelerated lightening effect, so if you're using AHAs to tackle dark spots, you should see even faster results. (Just make sure you're using sunscreen every day!)

In addition to the Sepiwhite in Snow Shark, we've added a research-backed blend of plant extracts shown to synergistically fade and prevent hyperpigmentation. Among Snow Shark's ingredients, mallow, peppermint, and cowslip extracts also help soothe irritation for a more even overall skin tone. Of course, Snow Shark still contains our original 5% niacinamide/3% n-acetylglucosamine spot-fading combo, alongside brightening licorice root extract and calming, antioxidant green tea extract.

For best results, use sunscreen every day—preventing further UV damage is key to fading existing dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

And for those of you snailsquad fans who’ve been following us since the beginning, please note that the January 2020 Snow Shark is not the Snow Shark we talked about creating for our friend Cat ofSnow White and the Asian Pear years ago. If you’ve been curious about the hanbang-inspired Shark Sauce version we created for her, check out Hanbang Shark! It’s got all her favorite herbal extracts for maximum gentle anti-inflammatory power.

Grab your Snow Shark today!

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