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✨🦈 Check out our birthday suit! 👁👄👁

Holy Snails turns 8 this year! Can you believe it? We’ve come a long way from our Google Forms days. If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ve watched us evolve in so many different ways. This year, we’re finally entering our airless pump era.

That’s right, we’ve got airless down to the minis! …Sort of. Our custom label printer died on us, so while we’re waiting for replacement parts, we can only sell what we can label. On the plus side though, check out what’s also in 50ml airless now:

A word that got thrown around by beauty retailers was “artisanal,” and since inception, we’ve steered clear of using it. However, each and every bottle of Holy Snails skincare has been handmade, hand-bottled, hand-labeled, hand-packed, …everything. Always in small batches, in our little studio, by us. Weare an artisanal, indie skincare company, and we wanted our new look to reflect that.

The past few years have been tumultuous for us. A lot of ups,lots of downs. Sourcing quality supplies became challenging. Prices skyrocketed. We started homeschooling our kid. (Currently on year four!) We learned a lot more about how to be a business instead of just a mad scientist. We’re not a multi-billion dollar corporation. It’s just our wee little family. So we are doing our first ever price increase here at Holy Snails. The 30ml bottles and 50ml bottles will increase by $1. The minis are also decreasing to 5mls, as these new airless bottles can only hold just shy of 6mls.

To take the edge off of that, we’ll be running a 20% off site-wide sale for the rest of November. (With code "BIRTHDAYSHARKS") Thank you for your continued trust and support. Holy Snails has run for eight years exclusively by word-of-mouth. We’re constantly evolving, and we hope you’ll stick with us for many years to come.

Happy holidays, and be safe,

The Holy Snails Team

P.S. Chel’s health is not the best right now, so the product photos will take a bit to slowly reflect the new bottles. However, we wanted to get the birthday sale out before our birthday wasover. Thank you for your patience. 🫶

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