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FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on U.S. orders $50+ and applicable* international orders $100+

Can you believe it? Shark Sauce is 7 years old!

All the way back in the long-ago time of 2015, our founder Chel set on a mission. Inspired by our marketing director Jude's complaints about the skincare industry, Chel decided to create a brightening serum that would put commercially available brightening serums to shame.

A lot of brands use niacinamide, an ingredient with plenty of research to support its brightening properties, but they don't disclose how much niacinamide they use in their products. If the concentration isn't high enough, it's unlikely to be effective. And if a brand isn't sharing the concentration, we can assume it isn't high enough. Chel pored over the literature and decided on 5% niacinamide for the dream serum she was crafting.

Then she went one better than most brands and added n-acetylglucosamine, a lesser-known but exciting ingredient that not only added additional brightening benefits, but also works synergistically with niacinamide. The result? The amped-up backbone of what you now know as Shark Sauce.

In seven years, Shark Sauce went from a DIY project done as a gift for a friend, to a cult obsession among the skincare community, and finally to an established, much-loved part of many skincare lovers’ daily routines. And in those seven years, Shark Sauce has only gotten better.

Most products undergo some kind of reformulation during their time on the market. We’ve improved Shark Sauce too, but not in the way you might think. The formula itself remains almost exactly the same as it was when we first launched, because we still stand by our original formula as exactly what we wanted it to be. And we certainly haven’t looked to cut corners in our product, a common complaint with cosmetics product renewals.

Where we’ve made improvements are in our technique. We’ve consistently searched for methods and equipment to create a smoother, fresher product. Thanks to the growth of our business, we’ve also been able to access a higher tier of ingredient suppliers than we could at the beginning. We invest in higher quality extracts that were far out of our price range when we started. That results in a more potent product for our consumers.

In the meantime, when we do want to play with the formulation, we come up with a new Sauce du Mois! As you guys may have noticed, the family of products that began with Shark Sauce now also contains a fairly complete routine, including a cleanser, barrier-boosting facial essence, vitamin C oil, facial oil, and even a lip balm. All of our products are crafted with the same love and care, by the same person, as the very first bottle of Shark Sauce.

We can hardly believe it’s been seven years! To celebrate and to show our appreciation for all the support we’ve received, we’re having a sitewide sale for the rest of July! Just use code THATGOODSAUCE at checkout to take 15% off your entire order.

Happy shopping, and thank you always for the love!


-The Holy Snails fam

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