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FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on U.S. orders $50+ and applicable* international orders $100+

Kadi is back, baby!

The long wait is over: Our beloved Kadi Cleanser is back, and bigger than ever!

If you haven't tried Kadi yet, you're in for a (barrier-friendly) treat. Packaged in a foaming pump bottle that dispenses marshmallowy clouds of lather, Kadi is our dream cleanser. Here's why:

  1. Low pH! We've been living that low pH cleanser life for years. In a healthy state, the natural pH of your skin's acid mantle—the other layer of skin, also known as the moisture barrier—is between ~4-6. This mildly acidic pH is important both for maintaining the structural integrity of the barrier and for creating an inhospitable environment for unwanted bacteria. We formulate Kadi at a pH of 5.5, widely considered ideal for a water-soluble cleanser.
  2. Gentle surfactants! Returning to the health of your acid mantle: Overly harsh cleansing agents strip away the natural lipids that help your moisture barrier protect your skin and retain the hydration within. We use a blend of mild surfactants—no SLS or SLES here—to help cleanse away dirt and impurities without disrupting the moisture balance of your skin.
  3. A super soft finish! Kadi Cleanser contains honeyquat, derived from real honey and well-known for its moisturizing properties and, more importantly, ability to remain on skin even after rinsing. (Picture it as super-charged glycerin, which is also in Kadi.) This, along with rose water and hydrolized silk proteins, leave skin silky and comfortable after every cleanse—never tight, dry, or irritated.

We especially recommend Kadi Cleanser for dry, sensitive, or overexfoliated skin, but Kadi is suitable for all skin types and all ages!

Grab your (freshly made) bottle today!



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