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June 2018 #SDM: Rose Gold Shark & Donations

Rose Gold Shark

Happy June! We have been holding onto this Shark for some time now, and are so excited to finally debut her! Introducing Rose Gold Shark (alternatively, one of our fans had suggested it be named Millennial Shark, but we figured this was more self-explanatory)! It features Rose Hydrosol entirely replacing our Distilled Water, as well as more Rose Extracts, and Gold Biochelate.

Many cultures have used gold in medicinal applications (as well as, of course, nearly every other application possible, even including culinary), spawning a field known as chrysotherapy. While gold itself is inert, some gold salts do exhibit anti-inflammatory behavior, and it is believed that complexing gold can make it more bioavailable (read: it is more available for your body to use).

Rose hydrosol is the water leftover from distilling rose essential oil, and is lightly aromatic. We have replaced the entire distilled water portion of the Sauce du Mois recipe with rose hydrosol, adding a subtle rosy scent without using essential oils. On top of that, we also add Rosa Damascena Extract, which promotes good skin tone, elasticity, and can help with premature aging.

Celebrating Pride Month

We will be donating 10% of all Sauce du Mois proceeds (including our regulars, such as Hanbang or Honey) to LGBT charities and foundations for the entire month of June. The first foundation will be the Rainbow Teen Safe Space in South Korea. Below is their mission statement:

Our FINAL goal is to develop a self-sustaining long-term shelter which will assist homeless queer teens make their way toward independence in Korea. But initially (Phase I), we want to reach out to and counsel LGBTQ teens right out in the streets as we conduct surveys to determine a specific strategy to develop the shelter.

To learn more about this program, please visit their English website here. If you would like to donate to their cause independently, please click here.

If you would like to suggest an LGBT foundation for us to donate to this month, or any other foundations for future donations, please contact us at

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