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January New Releases

Happy New Year, everybody! We hope you're doing well, and excited for what's to come. Here are January's new releases:




First of all, nothing is going away. Don’t panic. However, we’ve had a lot of people confused as to what the name “Snowbang” means as well as where in your routine it should go, so we decided to rename it. It was basically a play on Hanbang, which is traditional Korean herbal medicine, and Snow White and the Asian Pear, for whom it was created, and is known for some raunchy explanations of sciency things (as well as spreadsheets and other lovely things). It is now “First Snow Essence,” which might sound a little mystical, but ideally also gives the impression that it should go on your skinfirst, before the serums and ampoules and creams and oils.

First Snow




Yes, it’s finally here! We now offer a Sunfish that uses a different preservative for those who cannot or opt not to use regular Shark Sauce due to parabens. Sunfish Serum was created to be an alternative to Shark Sauce, and is normally identical to Shark Sauce with exception to the ingredient they are leaving out (such as niacinamide for those who are sensitive, or n-acetylglucosamine for those who want a vegan option). This is different for Paraben-Free Sunfish, which would still require a different preservative for safety. We are using the same preservatives found in Kadi Cleanser in this variant of Sunfish, and there should be no differences in texture, smell, or appearance.

Sunfish Serum




New year, new Shark! Every country has their own traditions for things you should eat or do to start the year off right, but we figured a little anti-aging would be the best approach to start January with. Lucky Shark has soybean extract, pisum sativum peptide, hydrolyzed kale protein, hydrolyzed carrot protein, hydrolyzed lemon protein, and rice bioferment to be extra moisturizing and conditioning. On top of that, due to the rice bioferment, this Lucky Shark is even more ideal for those with shiny or oily skin, as it can change the way sebum conforms, so it doesn’t look or feel oily.

Lucky Shark

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