FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on U.S. orders $50+ and applicable* international orders $100+

FREE STANDARD SHIPPING on U.S. orders $50+ and applicable* international orders $100+

Black Friday 2018


Are you ready for Black Friday? It's been a wild year. We introduced quite a few Sauce du Mois, and we have many more exciting new projects going on behind the scenes, that we can't wait to announce, but in the meantime, we put together some sales and savings for Cyber Weekend!


These will be available in limited quantities, so be sure to check in starting on Friday, November 23 at 12:00am CST (that's midnight, right after you waken from your Thanksgiving food coma).

  • Buy a Snowboom Essence, get a free Dwarf Lantern ($9 value)
  • Buy a Whale Shark, get a free Snowpop Essence ($10 value)
  • 54% off Sheepish Lip Balm ($3.50 value)
  • 19% off Bon Ban Sampler Sets ($7 value)


Check out these adorable gift sets, perfect for the holidays. These make perfect introductions to the Holy Snails brand, alongside our Bon Ban sampler set. These are 10% off the retail value of all the products bought individually, so be sure to grab them while they last!

  • Full Snails Ahead - This features a full Holy Snails routine, starting with a full sized Kadi Low pH Foaming Cleanser, Snowbang Essence, Shark Sauce, and El Dorado Oil Serum. It comes with a sample size of our Perseids Oil, which is perfect for dry skin, but even those with normal to oily can add a drop or two to their favorite moisturizer to make a decadent experience for battling the dry winter air. Finish it up with Sheepish Lip Balm to keep your lips perfectly soft and smooth.
  • Soft Snails - For those who have Sensitive Skin, consider this set with its low pH Kadi Foaming Cleanser, Snowbang Essence, and Holy Snail Water (Phenoxyethanol).
  • Shark Bites - Try out our most beloved Sauce du Mois in bite sizes. Get adorable, travel sized minis of Honey Shark, Hanbang Shark, and Spooky Shark, and see what all the talk is about. Can you really love just one?
  • Hello, Holy Snails - A short and sweet intro to the Holy Snails brand, featuring our low pH Kadi Foaming Cleanser, soothing Snowbang Essence, and ultra-hydrating Shark Sauce.  


On top of our doorbusters and new gift sets, we have even more Black Friday exclusive deals. Get an instant $5 back on any of the following:

  • El Dorado Oil Serum
  • Snowboom Essence
  • Whale Shark

You will need to add the $5 gift card to your cart for the promotion to apply. We will include links in the product description for easy navigation.

We are also marking down both of the following to $25 each:

  • Holy Snail Water (both Phenoxyethanol and Parabens)
  • Sunfish Serum (both Niacinamide-free and N-Acetylglucosamine-free)

 We'll be adding more deals throughout all of Cyber Weekend, so be sure to check back for more offerings!


The Canada Post strike is currently causing delay on ALL orders to Canada right now. We are trying to find alternative methods, but for now, we advise that if you need your package to be guaranteed before Christmas, to select either UPS, DHL, or FedEx to ensure that your package does not sit in the Canada Post queue.

On top of that, ALL orders starting on Black Friday may have a processing time of up to a week due to volume. We typically are able to fill orders very quickly, and will do so starting on Monday, but please keep in mind that this is the busiest time of the year, and there are a myriad of issues that can happen, such as server issues and incorrect addresses. We strive to provide the best shopping and customer service experience here at Holy Snails, and it is important to us to ensure that everything is running smoothly from production to shipping.

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