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Soft Snails

Sensitive skin can be hard to shop for. We created the Soft Snails gift set to allow those with more sensitive, irritable, and reactive skin to enjoy our potent formulations. This simple routine includes:


  • Kadi Low pH Foaming Cleanser, an ultra-gentle cleansing foam that leaves the moisture barrier intact and adds softening honey to smooth damaged skin
  • Snowbang Essence, whose ceramides and herbal extracts strengthen barrier function while reducing inflammation and irritation
  • Holy Snail Water (Phenoxyethanol version), which provides the same brightening active ingredients as our famous Shark Sauce in a more sensitive skin-friendly formula, and without parabens for those who choose not to use them


The products in the Soft Snails gift set are suitable for all skin types, and work especially well for sensitive skin.

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