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How do I pick a serum?

Which Shark Sauce Should I Use?

Shark Sauce started with a single batch whipped up for a friend. From there, it grew into crowdfunded small batches for the original Holy Snails Facebook group members. Now here we are, with the original Shark Sauce still on the menu but other Shark Sauce variations galore!

We know choosing a Shark Sauce can be confusing, so here’s our quick rundown of the different types and what makes them tick.

Shark Sauce

This is the OG.

We created Shark Sauce for a friend who longed for a seaweed-based brightening serum with actually significant amounts of extracts and niacinamide at the research-backed, optimal 5% concentration. We added 3% n-acetylglucosamine to boost the effectiveness of the niacinamide and provide additional barrier-repairing and anti-aging benefits. Licorice root and green tea extracts further brighten skin and calm inflammation. Shark Sauce remains our top-selling product, with loyal fans coming back for more and more.



Whale Shark and Dwarf Lantern

 Though the names on the labels are different, Whale Shark and Dwarf Lantern are still Shark Sauce—just different sizes!

Whale Shark (the largest extant shark species known on our planet) clocks in at a whopping 50mL and is perfect for generous slatherers. If you, like our friend for whom Shark Sauce was created, enjoy coating your entire face, neck, and chest in Shark Sauce on the regular, Whale Shark is for you.

Dwarf Lantern (the smallest extant shark species known on our planet) is a wee 7mL travel/sample size Shark Sauce. Perfect for trying it out to see if you like the texture and skinfeel and to make sure the ingredients play well with your skin—we formulate these for potency!


Sauce Du Mois

 We named our monthly special edition Shark Sauce variants Sauce Du Mois. Each Sauce Du Mois contains the powerhouse brightening combination of 5% niacinamide and 3% n-acetylglucosamine to fight dark spots and repair damaged skin barriers.

Each Sauce Du Mois is a themed Shark Sauce variant with different extracts. Typically, a new Sauce Du Mois comes out each month, and some come back occasionally!

Some of our fan favorite Sauce Du Mois variations are:

  • Hanbang Shark, packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant goodness from a bevy of herbal extracts inspired by traditional Asian medicine. Ginseng, horse chestnut, ginger root, goji berry, and centella asiatica make their appearance here.
  • Honey Shark, the sweetest of Shark Sauces! Manuka honey, propolis, and royal jelly extracts soothe, smoothe, protect, and lightly moisturize skin while the niacinamide and n-acetylglucosamine work their brightening magic. The result is soft, comfortable skin with a dewy glow.
  • Great White Shark, the Shark Sauce that doubles as a powerful vitamin C serum! With 10% Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (MAP), a shelf-stable vitamin C derivative, Great White Shark is made to intensely target dark spots and hyperpigmentation as well as stimulate collagen production and protect from free radical damage.


Holy Snail Water

As beloved as Shark Sauce is, we have found that some of our customers can't use it due to sensitivities to some of Shark Sauce's ingredients, like sea kelp or hyaluronic acid, or due to a desire to avoid parabens in their skin care. Holy Snail Water allows these customers to enjoy the benefits of the 5% niacinamide/3% n-acetylglucosamine combo without their trigger ingredients. Holy Snail Water contains aloe vera juice and snail mucin extract to calm skin and ginseng and horse chestnut extracts to boost the brightening power of the product.



Sunfish Serum

Like Holy Snail Water, Sunfish Serum was created for customers who are curious about Shark Sauce but unable to use it due to particular ingredient sensitivities or ethical concerns. We offer a version of Sunfish Serum that does not contain niacinamide, for those who cannot use it, and a version that does not contain the shellfish-derived ingredient n-acetylglucosamine, for vegans and those with shellfish allergies.


Please note that we also offer many of our products in 7mL samplesizes, so you can try them out before committing to the full size.

Which Shark Sauce will be your holy grail? Grab the one that sounds the best, or get in touch with our customer service for expert advice!