Full Snails Ahead Gift Set

Ready to give (or give yourself) the gift of a full Holy Snails skincare routine? Beauty enthusiasts of all ages and natural moisture levels love our products, which combine proven active ingredients in optimal concentrations with potent botanical extracts and no fillers. Every ingredient has a purpose. Each formulation is carefully designed for maximum effectiveness.


The Full Snails Ahead gift set provides a full curated skincare routine suitable for all skin types. It includes:


  • Kadi Low pH Foaming Cleanser (in our newly launched 250mL full size pump bottle) to gently cleanse and soften skin without damaging the delicate moisture barrier
  • Full size 55mL First Snow Essence to soothe, smooth, and restore damaged skin with ceramides and herbal extracts
  • Full size 30mL Shark Sauce to fight dark spots and improve elasticity and barrier function
  • Full size 30mL El Dorado Vitamin C Oil Serum to further brighten and firm skin and protect against free radical damage
  • Sheepish Lip Balm to keep lips supple and soft
  • Sample size Perseids Facial Oil for intensive moisture


Perseids Facial Oil is typically more suited to dry skin types, although some customers with oily skin love it too. The rest of the products in the Full Snails Ahead gift set are suitable for all skin types.